Manual An Imperishable Heritage: British Choral Music from Parry to Dyson: A Study of Selected Works

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By the a cappella singers were recording their four-part harmony spirituals on the prestigious Decca label. From there the group rode a wave of popularity that would propel them to nation-wide tours, major record contracts, collaborations with Stevie Wonder and Paul Simon, and a career still vibrant today as they approach their seventy-fifth anniversary.

Interrogating Music-Historical Narratives through

Drawing generously on interviews with Hank Ballard, Otis Williams, and other artists who worked with the Hummingbirds, as well as with members James Davis, Ira Tucker, Howard Carroll, and many others, The Dixie Hummingbirds brings vividly to life the growth of a gospel group and of gospel music itself.

Editorial annotations place the letters in context. And how did his understanding of Buddhist philosophy impact on his representation of nature? Following Cage's own creative innovations in the poem-essay form and his use of the ancient Chinese text, the I Ching to shape his music and writing, this book outlines a new critical language that reconfigures writing and silence. The book familiarizes the reader with new notation systems employed by some contemporary composers.

It suggest rehearsal techniques and vocal exercises that will help singers prepare to tackle the repertoire. And the book offers a list of the most important and interesting works to emerge in the twentieth century, along with suggested recital programmes that will introduce audiences as well as singers to this under - explored body of music.

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Students of Olivier Messiaen such as Tristan Murail and Gerard Grisey sought to create a cooperative committed to exploring the evolution of timbre in time as a basis for the musical experience. In The Spectral Piano, Marilyn Nonken shows how the spectral attitude was influenced by developments in technology but also continued a tradition of performative and compositional virtuosity. Nonken explores shared fascinations with the musical experience, which united spectralists with their Romantic and early Modern predecessors.

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Examining Murail's Territoires de l'oubli, Jonathan Harvey's Tombeau de Messiaen, Joshua Fineberg's Veils, and Edmund Campion's A Complete Wealth of Time, she reveals how spectral concerns relate not only to the past but also to contemporary developments in philosophical aesthetics. Dark Arteries is a personal and at times highly wrought response to the Miners' Strike and its aftermath. It is in three movements, the first and last are expansive, with widely contrasting sound worlds, from dark, brooding melodies and the haunting sounds of solo flugel horn to wild syncopations on cornets, suggestive of an imposing, but often bleak mining landscape.

In Higgins re-worked Dark Arteries into a virtuoso concert suite, which captures the essence of the work in three connected movements. A3 score available on request. Janet Baker has written that the air crackled when he walked into the room, and she was right She evokes the Lowestoft upbringing of the four Britten siblings, their dentist father Robert, and mother Edith, who keenly encouraged the children's interest in music. Of special interest are Britten's letters to Beth from America, where he and Peter Pears emigrated in then became ensconced after war broke out.

I can't think of anything quite like it Heartily recommended. Each country has an introduction to its twentieth-century music, followed by entries on individual composers and lists of recommended works. Those fresh to modern music can find helpful information and discover new composers.

For the expert, the sheer scope of the guide will introduce many an unfamiliar but interesting work. Written with passion and extensive knowledge of the variety of modern music, The Pimlico Dictionary of 20th-Century Composers gives a comprehensive overview and will be invaluable as a reference book for generations tocome. Journeying Boy is a selection of his diaries that offer the reader an unseen insight into this complex man. Encompassing the years , they explore some key periods of Britten's life - his early compositions, his education first under composer Frank Bridge and then at the Royal College of Music, an unhappy but productive period studying under John Ireland and Ralph Vaughan Williams, and his reluctant and often painful process of parting from the warm, safe environment of his family home and his beloved mother.

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  • The diaries cast light on an often misrepresented musician whose technique, originality and musical prowess have entranced audiences for generations and who continues to inspire composers and musicians around the world. He also proposes a reexamination of Stravinsky's own neoclassical music and Theodor Adorno's notorious critique of Stravinsky. This book is part history, part analysis, part aesthetics, and will be of value to anyone who takes an interest in the music of our time.

    A pioneer in his explorations of new instruments and new tunings, Partch created multimedia theater works that combine sight and sound in a compelling synthesis. This book is the first to tell the complete story of Partch's life and work. Drawing on interviews with many of Partch's associates and on the complete archives of the Harry Partch Estate, Bob Gilmore provides a full and sympathetic portrait of this extraordinary creative artist.

    Within these pages lies a history of rock at its best, as performed on stage or in the studio. Each entry is catalogued by title, date, featured tracks, and contains a quality rating and comments on the nature and origin of the recording.

    Cross-references are provided to other titles and extensive information is available on alternate titles of bootlegs. In many cases, quirky facts about a particular title are given-something that in itself may make a title a highly desirable and sought-after 'rarity' amongst collectors. Limited editions are listed to help the reader and collector develop a clearer picture of just how obtainable a bootleg may be.

    Until now, there has never been a complete reference work of bootlegs that are either commercially available or that may only ever be available at collectors' fairs and conventions. The edition of the bibliography includes over titles, providing a convenient sourcebook for secondary school choral directors, choral methods classes, and collegiate choral directors to use in building repertoire for their programs. It is challenging and exciting territory.

    This volume of nineteen specially commissioned essays offers informed and accessible guidance to the challenge, taking the reader through a series of five basic subject areas--locating jazz historically and geographically; defining jazz as musical and cultural practice; jazz in performance; the uses of jazz for audiences, markets, education and for other art forms; and the study of jazz. Paying particular attention to Cage's inter- and cross-disciplinary engagements with the visual arts and architecture during this period, the book sheds new light on some of Cage's most controversial and influential innovations, such as the use of noise, chance techniques, indeterminacy, electronic technologies, and computerization, as well as upon lesser known but important ideas and strategies such as transparency, multiplicity, virtuality, and actualization.

    Ultimately, it traces the development of Cage's avant-garde aesthetic and political project as it transformed from the emulation of historical avant-garde precedents such as futurism and the Bauhaus, to the development of important precedents for the post-World War II movements of happenings and Fluxus, to its ultimate abandonment in the aftermath of problems encountered in the vast, multimedia composition HPSCHD She tells the tale of her extraordinary life with the Czech composer, Leos Janacek, from her years as his young piano pupil to his sudden death at the age of Her story provides first-hand account of Janacek's day-to-day life, and the many dramatic revelations include an account of his tempestuous affair with the singer Gabriela Horvatova, Zdenka's subsequent suicide attempt, and her strange "divorce" from her husband they continued to live together until his death.

    Among other striking passages are a harrowing description of the long illness and painful death of their daughter Olga, and a forthright account of Janacek's increasing infatuation during his late years with his "muse", Kamila Stosslova, and of the events surrounding his death. Yet there is still little understanding of the correlations between Schoenberg's musical thought and larger questions of cultural significance in and since his time: the formalistic descriptions of music theory do not generally engage larger questions in the history of ideas and scholars without understanding of the formidable musical technique are ill-equipped to understand the music with any profundity of thought.

    Schoenberg's Musical Imagination is intended to connect Schoenberg's music and critical writings to a larger world of ideas.

    While most technical studies of Schoenberg's music are limited to a single compositional period, this book traces changes in his attitudes as a composer and their impact on his ever-changing compositional style over the course of his remarkable career. Resonances of the Raj examines the ramifications of the intertwined and overlapping histories of Britain and India on English music in the last fifty years of the colonial encounter, and traces the effects of the Raj on the English musical imagination.

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    Conventional narratives depict a one-way influence of Britain on India, with the 'discovery' of Indian classical music occurring only in the post-colonial era. Drawing on new archival sources and approaches in cultural studies, author Nalini Ghuman shows that on the contrary, England was both deeply aware of and heavily influenced by India musically during the Indian-British colonial encounter. Stephen Town's new book is a truly great achievement and is highly recommended. I shall turn to it when any of the music discussed is up for performance.

    It is elegantly and clearly printed - and the proof-reading has been very thoroughly carried out giving it remarkable accuracy.


    As a result, this book offers a unique understanding of a significant era of music history and choral significance. Reading this text, one has the feeling of witnessing various family members gathering for a reunion. Each sibling may have his own personality, but the British "family" resemblance is always there.

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