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Move your body without fear and, especially, with pleasure. Close the curtains, put on your favourite music and dance. The key issue is to make things you love a priority, because when you suffer from chronic pain, you lose the ability to feel joy. Your answer might vary from day to day.

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To help you work this out, take this quiz, devised in conjunction with psychologist Dr Meg Arroll, a specialist in how we perceive symptoms and author of a book on pain in long-term conditions. The quiz will help you get a better understanding of your personal pain perception and the many factors which might contribute. For instance, it could help reveal a high pain threshold that could make you reluctant to seek essential support. How often do you experience pain? How often do you subconsciously scan your body for pain or problems? Have your parents experienced much pain?

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How much does stress affect your life? When it comes to illness, how likely are you to dwell on the worst possible outcomes? If you get a cold are you more likely to:. In the past six months, how many days have you dragged yourself in to work feeling horribly ill when perhaps you should have stayed in bed? Mostly a : You are very lucky to be someone who rarely experiences pain.

You might be rather proud if your pain threshold seems higher than others, but people in this category can put their health at risk by skipping screenings and missing or ignoring potentially important signs and symptoms of illness and disease. Mostly b: You occasionally experience pain and you are happy to treat it accordingly — you strike a good balance between an awareness of pain and your ability to control it. People in this category are slightly more likely to be male because studies show women tend to be more affected by common chronic pain conditions, including migraine and tension-type headaches, low back pain, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, and osteoarthritis — and living with ongoing pain can affect pain perception.

You may want to consider expanding your pain-relief options with non-drug alternatives, such as mind-body exercises — including tai chi, relaxation and breathing techniques — to tackle pain when it does occur.

Pakistan quake: Cracked roads and collapsed houses

Mostly c: You probably live with some degree of pain most of the time and this can affect your experience and perception of pain you may find it harder to cope with pain, or conversely be better able to block it out. One contributing factor to your pain perception could be age. Studies show common joint and nerve-related pain problems eg, back pain and headaches increase between the ages of 30 and 50, before dropping away into older age. However, pain-related diseases diabetes, osteoarthritis, many forms of cancer and neurological diseases increase in frequency with age, contributing to pain among older adults.

To help you deal with pain it can be useful to improve your sleep quality go to bed earlier, make sure you have a restful sleep environment. Try to keep your stress levels in check, and aim to build a strong social support network because positive social support can help. Mostly d: You probably experience pain more often than most, and dealing with it takes up a bigger proportion of your time and energy. This, in turn, can affect your tolerance of pain, which can be linked to seeing your parents having to deal with chronic pain. Stress can have a huge impact on pain perception, and many studies show stress reduction techniques can form a useful additional element in your pain-busting tool kit.

Talk to your GP about a referral to a specialised pain clinic where specialists can work with you to get your pain under control. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. By posting your comment you agree to our house rules. Do you want to automatically post your MailOnline comments to your Facebook Timeline? We will automatically post your comment and a link to the news story to your Facebook timeline at the same time it is posted on MailOnline.

I snap a picture of that too and, to my surprise, I think I see her smother a smile as she rolls her eyes. Well done, now heal my broken heart. We'll blame the missing start on the high school drama and cheesy ending but overall this is an entertaining, hilarious and badass YA story you need to read as soon as possible. View all 32 comments.

What a fantastic book. The story is crisp, clear, and direct. It is about a half-demon girl who discovers the secrets of her past while also managing to be fierce and hilarious.

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  7. And the main character, Meda's, narration is absolutely spectacular. She combines snarkiness with vulnerability to the point of perfection. Her voice is distinct and extremely memorable. Also her friendship with the other main female character, Jo, was simply amazeballs. They are true friends that trust and care for one a What a fantastic book.

    They are true friends that trust and care for one another through all their flaws, instead of a forced persona by either of them. This and "Truthwitch" both are some of the best female friendships in books I've seen. It has made my all-time-favorites list.

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    I'm gonna peer pressure you into reading this. DO IT.

    View all 15 comments. Dec 13, Rachel E. Carter rated it really liked it. Honestly felt like it would be a 3 for a while there, but it is definitely a 4 after that ending. So sarcastic and awesome, like Joss Whedon's Buffy on crack. I love, love, loooved her narration. I honestly am not sure I have read better sarcasm from a main character in any book. These two. I ship them as BFF's. They are feisty brats who don't trust each other and alienate everyone around them and I just love how their friendship builds thr 4 out of 5. They are feisty brats who don't trust each other and alienate everyone around them and I just love how their friendship builds throughout the book.

    I did root for them, and that ending was just adorable.


    Did not see that much happening in the first book of a series. Color me impressed. I could give 5-stars for that ending alone. We only had a glimpse but he felt very curious. I think there is more to him then meets the eye, his being down in the prisons was a bit too convenient. That said, he was hot. I have a feeling I'll get more in the sequels. To help go through my TBR faster, I am going to try and write shorter reviews View all 11 comments. Jun 10, Inge rated it it was amazing Shelves: main-character-is-cool , smiles-a-plenty , 1to-reread , angels-and-demons , fantasy , laugh-out-loud-funny , young-adult , all-time-favourites , magic , wishlist-paperback.

    This was every bit as amazing as everyone said it would be. Meda eats people. No, really. She eats souls, so I guess gingers are safe from her. But she only eats the bad guys — the ones the ghosts tell her to kill. Her mother told her she was special; a special snow 4. Her mother told her she was special; a special snowflake, but it turns out there are more like her out there.

    Full demons, too. Luckily, there are the Templars — people who are trained to kill demons. Move over, whiny protagonists. Give me Meda any day. Her snark and sarcasm made me laugh out loud on several occasions. She was awesome, quick, and witty, and I loved seeing things from her twisted point of view. I could always just leave her behind. What is that old adage about outrunning a bear?

    You don't have to run faster than the bear, just faster than the other people you're running with. The sewer is emphatically not somewhere you want to live, let alone eat pizza in. Uri and I are stashed in a cheap motel with the important task of sleeping. It's the kind of division of labor I can really get behind. This girl knows her priorities. I also really liked the side characters — the Templars protecting Meda from the demons. I especially liked Jo. Jo is badass and will take none of your shit. I will always appreciate a good, healthy dose of humour in books.

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