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A good portion of the story is told over a series of flashbacks in the form of letters and journal entries from both Mina and Jonathan, expertly and seamlessly brought to life by this incredible cast.

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I must say hats off to this entire cast who throw themselves into this performance in many ways. The songs written for the show by Bill Sewers are remarkable, captivating and incredibly haunting.

Considering the full scope of the performance, I have to mention a bit of the staging elements that I felt could have been tighter. During the opening and closing scenes done in the parlour, with the cast in different parts of the room, often behind the crowd, it was a bit difficult to hear the dialogue and slight microphone amplification could have helped. Bear in mind that as you travel through the castle during the performance, your standing position in the different rooms and you will be standing throughout a good portion of the show may determine how well you see the performance.

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She describes the mad vampire with subtlety and the paranormal romance being described with all essential literary devices that makes it violent, romantic, and passionate. She is one of the most renowned authors in New York. Dark Stranger is her most popular work. This book, published in the year , is about a vampire named Rayven.


A woman named Rhianna is fascinated by his soft nature and both fall in love with each other. Rayven warns her to stay away from him but her love prevents her from this. With endless love, passion, and bitter truths, the story moves on.

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It's highly acclaimed by both the youngsters and adults. The writer gets herself flowing with her literary work and the love story of a teenage girl and a vampire. The girls name is Isabella, and she falls in love with a vampire known as Edward. For Adults. Some novels for adults, exploring all savage emotions, are enlisted here.

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For Teens. Some of the best novels for young adults and teens are mentioned in the list here. Lost Souls by Poppy Z.

see J Smith. From classical romance, these books are transcending into more intricate details of a vampire's life, with this new and unique style of literary genre gaining more popularity worldwide.

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