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The site also contains links to other retellings, but they are not annotated. The tales and summaries that Cox provides are publically accessible and easy to use. The earliest version of this story appears in the VLS reader A king and queen have a daughter, but the queen dies. The dead mother bequeaths the girl a red calf that will give the girl whatever she wants. The king remarries a woman with three daughters, who is unfriendly to the girl.

They also starve her, but she ignores the harsh treatment and goes to her calf for what she needs. In response, the stepmother kills the calf, and the girl pines. The dead animal tells Rashin Coatie to place its bones under a stone and to continue making wishes. The girl does and time passes. At Christmas, the family leaves the girl behind when attending church and commands her to make dinner. The girl despairs and begs the calf to help her. It does, and she goes to church in new clothes while the food cooks magically at home.

At the church, a prince sees her, but she leaves before the end of the service. The sisters return home and tell Rashin Coatie of the beautiful woman everyone noticed, and she begs to join them, but they again reject her. She again appeals to the calf and goes to the church wearing beautiful clothes while the calf prepares dinner. The prince and the people notice her presence for a second time. When she tries to depart on the third day, the prince tries to stop her by placing a guard at the back of the church.

Rashin Coatie escapes but loses one of her slippers. The bird also tells him of Rashin Coatie, and when he finds her, the girl runs away. She returns after the calf has given her new clothes, and the slipper comes to her foot of its own accord. The prince and the maiden marry. This type of relationship seems to be extremely popular though so if my speculation ends up being correct there will be a lot of happy readers. Overall, this was a great story and I am excited to get further immersed into Tori and her guardians world.

Oh and more Opal!!!!

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Jan 15, Kayla Pipkin rated it really liked it Shelves: reverse-harem. A great beginning for a new series. Tourmaline, or Tori as she likes to be called, always assumed her mother was crazy. Yet she indulged her dying wish to speak one last spell at her death. Little did she know that doing so would open her up to a whole new world she never knew existed. When three men suddenly appear in her kitchen, she believes to be hallucinating.

But the werewolf jumping through her wall? That cements things just a little bit more. Reed, Terran, and Onyx whisk Tori off to the Fae realm where the Ancients decide to have her train as a guardian because of her mixed blood. Read to know what happens between the four of them. This story is following a very short timeline but is jam packed with action. Tori is a very strong-willed and independent woman. She has had to be because of her mother. Growing up she thought the woman was crazy for believing in magic, but it turns out Tori should have paid a little closer attention.

There are beings out there who would have hurt her long ago if not for her mother's interference. I loved how original this story line was. Sure it has magic, Fae, semi-kidnapping, and a harem of guys like some stories, but how it was put together is uniquely its own. The characters are probably some of my favorite. You have your lovable but somewhat socially awkward Terran.

Early Intervention: A Routines-based Approach - Part 3: Changing The Mindset

The serious and leader of the group Reed. And of course, what story is complete with the alpha-hole them-self, Onyx. Even some of the side characters are really pleasing. Such as Opal, the baby dragon created from paper. While I was reading, I did see a few errors, but nothing so major that it deters you away from your reading. This is a slow burn reverse harem. Only a few kisses, and one hot make-out session to divert attention. Overall, this is a fantastic start to a new series and I can't wait to see where it leads. It does end on a pretty big cliffhanger, so be prepared for that.

But I highly recommend reading it. It will suck you in and want you want more. Feb 10, Courtney rated it it was amazing. This was my first time reading anything by Quinn Arthurs and I really enjoyed it!! I loved the 3 guys the Tori meets after she loses her mom. Tori is thrust into the world of the fae and witches when she finds out her mom and her life are not what she thought. She has been hidden her whole life and now she needs her guardians to help protect her from those who seek her harm.

In book one of the Faerie Wars, we get to know Tori, her 3 guardians Onyx, Terran, and Reed , her new bff River, and her super loyal and funny "pet" Opal hehe. Terran is totally the gentle giant and I am really interested to learn more about him. Onyx is the quintessential thorn in Tori's butt but turns around for the better once he realizes she didn't do this on purpose and is a force to be reckoned with. You don't realize how amazing something is until you almost lose it.

I loved the powers mentioned in this story. Tori does best when using gems, geeking out to the geology lessons throughout this book haha, and River learns she is more than just your average artist. Tori shows them they don't have to stay in one box, that they can look at their powers with a different perspective and become stronger in the process. I loved the things River could do and loved that we got to learn about her as well.

I would kill to have a bff like her. Also, Tori is totally BA! The way she stands up to bullies is great and Quinn does a great job describing her powers and showing us little parts of it and not giving it all away. Jan 16, Jenn rated it really liked it.

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  7. So Not Fair So a lot of this story is introducing characters and world building and Arthurs did a tremendously good job with that. I like that she's established who her romantic leads will be but not pushed them into Instalove, she's established attraction between them and noted what prophesies claim they'll be to each other, but the characters aren't just falling into line and saying if fate dictates it then I must be in love with this stranger I just met.

    As ridiculous as that sounds I've read So Not Fair So a lot of this story is introducing characters and world building and Arthurs did a tremendously good job with that. As ridiculous as that sounds I've read it more times than I can count, so I appreciate that Arthurs doesn't go that route. I like that Arthurs has established both a small conflict to be conquered in this story and a larger one to delved into over the course of the series, what I don't like and this is more a personal preference is that we get this small taste of the world and just as the big actions start to happen the book ends on am obnoxious cliffhanger.

    While the book had a few typos, those were few and far between which I greatly appreciate as a reader.

    So Notorious

    The cast of characters presented has been small allowing the author to make them distinctive and recognizable and the story is off to a well developed start. I can't wait to read more. Feb 23, Shyann rated it it was amazing. Can't wait for the next book!

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    This first book was a great set up to a new series. Tourmaline is thrust into a new realm after the death of her mother and paired to three men, her guardians. The book takes place in the Hold, a castle of sorts within the Fae realm. While the book mostly takes place in the Hold, there is much information given in this first book, which is helpful in understanding the Fae realm Tori is now apart of.

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    I really like Tori as a leading female character. She is learning of Can't wait for the next book! She is learning of her new heritage and coming to terms with the changes within her and around her alike. She isn't wishy-washy either. She doesn't act one way just to act completely different the next. She is a tiny bit emotional, but she did just lose her mother, I'd say it's to be expected. This is a slow burn RH romance. While we had a hint of it in this book, there was nothing majorly heavy.

    I imagine that things will pick up in the next book, but we will have to wait and read to find out. I definitely recommend this book if you like a kickass lead female and a good storyline! Also the guys are pretty great to. Each has their own personality and has a different way of interacting with Tori that fits well with her. Mar 19, Rebekah rated it liked it. Rough around the edges and in the middle Interesting concept, rockily executed.

    The world building is mostly sloppy exposition.