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Rumors claim that he was once an assassin, who clawed his way to power from a childhood of poverty and abuse. In spite of their differences, the Priestess insists that Gerard and Silveo cooperate to destroy the charismatic pirate, Gwain, and his mysterious organization, the Guild of the Cowry Catchers. Gwain has been killing off the Temple Police for years, and he seems likely to make a swift end of Gerard. If Silveo doesn't do it first The Wicked Day. Christopher Bunn. The Dawning of Power Trilogy. Brian Rathbone. Jeff Inlo. Hearts at Stake. Alyxandra Harvey. Jennifer Blackstream. Soul of Dragons.

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The Great Convergence. Lost Library Collection: Books Kate Baray. Cloak Games: Shadow Jump. Stark Cataclysm. Alex Albrinck. The Prison of Angels. This book centers on two main characters, but the whole cast is incredibly important and no character was shallow or given short shrift. Hilton does an amazing job of giving life to everyone and everything.

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The politics of t Absolutely stunning! The politics of the lands, the emotions of each character, the details, everything is written with such adroitness, it blew me away. There is a ton of heart in these books. Deep emotions, without being fluffy, and amazing excitement and harrowing feats of crazy bravery. It gets dark in places and then truly beautiful. There is a ship battle in one of the books that had me on the edge of my seat and with my heart in my throat.

My spouse was subjected to a full re-enactment of it right after I finished reading it.

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  • The story is told from the perspective of Gerard, an ex-Prince and current chief of Police, and a truly good guy. Gerard is smart, calm, a strong fighter, and has a huge heart. But the real star has to be Silveo.

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    If you are not into Silveo after reading the first book for free, then don't bother with the rest. He is the villain, the hero, the comedy, the scary, the heart, and the cruelty of this series. He is as multi-faceted as Gerard is steady and true. They work well together, even when they don't. This is a true favorite and I look forward to many, many re-reads. I highly recommend it. Nov 01, Jason Kivela rated it it was amazing.

    I have been an avid reader of Abbie Hilton's work for years now, and this five part series is one of my favorite stories ever. The characters are engaging and real.

    You by turns love and hate them all. The plot is full of unexpected twists, but follows a logical progression. There are surprises, but no WTF moments. The world is beautiful, dark, dangerous and complex--it has been completely fleshed out. Don't let the size scare you off, at the end you will still be wanting more. Jul 28, Tena rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This review has been a long time coming, and a long time brewing in my brain.

    It would be so easy to just say I love it and everyone should read it though, really, it's not for everyone and leave it at that, but it would be unfair to Ms. Hilton and prospective readers if I did that. So I will do my best. This book centers on Gerard Holovar, in an archi This review has been a long time coming, and a long time brewing in my brain. This book centers on Gerard Holovar, in an archipelagic bit of the world of Panamindorah called Wefrivain. Panamindorah is peopled by shelts, half-humanoid and half animal-bodied creatures as varied as the creatures they resemble.

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    Wyverns rule the world and the waters, and grishnards Griffin shelts have a tenuous hold over the other shelts. This series focuses broadly on the events around the uprising against the Wyverns. Gerard is a disinherited prince; his wife is a minstrel and the reason for his exile. He and a white fox shelt foxling named Silveo Lamire are employed by the leader of the Wyvern worship cult, Morchella.

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    I have rated each and every book in this series equally highly, and will try to briefly summarize each book here. The first book introduces Gerard, his wife Thessalyn, Silveo, and the Guild of the Cowry Catchers the organized resistance to Wyvern control , and Gwain the leader of the Guild. Gerard has become captain of Morchella's police, and he and Silveo the head of Morchella's Sea Watch butt heads and have to learn to get along.

    Silveo, who declares frequently that he's "not a nice person", has a dark past and is a very damaged person. In spite of his best intentions or worst , he begins to love Thessalyn and Gerard.