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The constants involved are known precisely and are universal numbers.

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Hence, whether the mass is measured on earth or, say, on the moon, it can be determined with precision. Also Read Kilogramme redefined: Formula replaces mass of a platinum-iridium lump.

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This is the culmination of a series of historical changes, which are also described by Richard S. Davis et al in their article in the journal Metrologia. Originally the definition of mass was in terms of what was then thought of as a universal physical constant.

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In , 1 kg was defined as the mass of one litre of distilled water at its melting point. Thus, the density of water was the physical constant on which this definition hinged. In , the kilogram came to be defined using a cylinder of platinum — the first time an artefact was used for this purpose. As the company owner I find him great to work with and bounce ideas off and he tells it straight up whether the idea is good or not so good.

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Thank you Full Circle for all your help. These changes have allowed us to be proactive when chasing sales and are now in the position where we can be much more selective about which sales we chase for the better through-put for the factory. We have been delighted with the expertise that the Full Circle team has brought to the table and we are already reaping benefits in terms of increased sales and profitability.

Management Consultancy. What Our Clients Say Don't just take our word for it Hugh Kenny.


Full Circle - SVP Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh's Nonprofit Accelerator to Maximize Impact

Michelle Owens Gregory. Since the sessions with my Full Circle coach, I have a clear growth plan, instilled confidence in my business and the future of it. Sarah McBriar.

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Full Circle offered us a top-class service and successfully opened up new business avenues for Total Precision to explore. Niall Brennan.

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