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He and his wife prefer board games to television, and, within reach of the couch, I noticed a game called Ricochet Robots. Playing with him is just infuriating. Dick Costolo, the former C. I think some people are a little hesitant about him from that perspective. When I asked Zuckerberg about this reputation, he framed the dynamic differently.

And, yes, sometimes you have to beat someone to something, in order to get to the next thing. She won. Before they played a second game, he wrote a simple computer program that would look up his letters in the dictionary so that he could choose from all possible words. If Facebook were a country, it would have the largest population on earth. More than 2. That user base has no precedent in the history of American enterprise.

A couple of years ago, the company was still revelling in its power. By collecting vast quantities of information about its users, it allows advertisers to target people with precision—a business model that earns Facebook more ad revenue in a year than all American newspapers combined. Zuckerberg was spending much of his time conferring with heads of state and unveiling plans of fantastical ambition, such as building giant drones that would beam free Internet including Facebook into developing countries.

He enjoyed extraordinary control over his company; in addition to his positions as chairman and C.

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His personal fortune had grown to more than sixty billion dollars. Facebook was one of four companies along with Google, Amazon, and Apple that dominated the Internet; the combined value of their stock is larger than the G. The other culprits, according to U. The Internet Research Agency, a firm in St. Petersburg working for the Kremlin, drew hundreds of thousands of users to Facebook groups optimized to stoke outrage, including Secured Borders, Blacktivist, and Defend the 2nd. One of the largest studies, published last year in the American Journal of Epidemiology , followed the Facebook use of more than five thousand people over three years and found that higher use correlated with self-reported declines in physical health, mental health, and life satisfaction.

I think we all knew in the back of our minds. In all, the personal data of eighty-seven million people had been harvested. Moreover, Facebook had known of the problem since December of but had said nothing to users or regulators. The company acknowledged the breach only after the press discovered it.

Facebook is now under investigation by the F. Tim Cook , the C. Facebook depends on trust, and the events of the past two years had made people wonder whether the company deserved it. He is often compared to another Harvard dropout, Bill Gates , who has been his mentor in business and philanthropy.

That comes with the territory.

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We spoke at his home, at his office, and by phone. I also interviewed four dozen people inside and outside the company about its culture, his performance, and his decision-making. I found Zuckerberg straining, not always coherently, to grasp problems for which he was plainly unprepared.


These are not technical puzzles to be cracked in the middle of the night but some of the subtlest aspects of human affairs, including the meaning of truth, the limits of free speech, and the origins of violence. Zuckerberg is now at the center of a full-fledged debate about the moral character of Silicon Valley and the conscience of its leaders.

And now everyone says, Is this a trick?

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And the question Mark Zuckerberg is dealing with is: Should my company be the arbiter of truth and decency for two billion people? Nobody in the history of technology has dealt with that. The campus is a self-contained universe, with the full range of free Silicon Valley perks: dry cleaning, haircuts, music lessons, and food by the acre, including barbecue, biryani, and salad bars.

The campus, which was designed with the help of consultants from Disney, is arranged as an ersatz town that encircles a central plaza, with shops and restaurants and offices along a main street. Executives offer fulsome praise. Before I visited Zuckerberg for the first time, in June, members of his staff offered the kind of advice usually reserved for approaching a skittish bird: proceed gingerly, build a connection, avoid surprises. The contrast between the public and the private Zuckerberg reminded me of Hillary Clinton.

In both cases, friends complain that the popular image is divorced from the casual, funny, generous person they know.

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Yet neither Zuckerberg nor Clinton has found a way to publicly express a more genuine persona. I asked Zuckerberg about his aversion to opening up. And maybe my persona, or at least how I felt comfortable acting publicly, would shift.

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He has tried, at times, to puncture his own bubble. He would talk for, like, five, and just ask questions. But the exercise came off as stilted and tone-deaf. Zuckerberg travelled with a professional photographer, who documented him feeding a calf in Wisconsin, ordering barbecue, and working on an assembly line at a Ford plant in Michigan. Online, people joked that the photos made him look like an extraterrestrial exploring the human race for the first time. Zuckerberg has spent nearly half his life inside a company of his own making, handpicking his lieutenants, and sculpting his environment to suit him.

He is red-green color-blind, and he chose blue because he sees it most vividly. Long before it seemed inevitable or even plausible, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg had an outsized sense of his own potential.

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They married and had four children. Mark, the only boy, was the second-oldest. His mother, who had become a psychiatrist, eventually gave up her career to take care of the kids and manage the dental office, which was connected to the family home. So he always had not just a system for drilling teeth but, like, the laser system for drilling teeth that was controlled by the computer. In the nineteen-eighties and nineties, Ed bought early personal computers—the Atari , the I.

XT—and Mark learned to code. He was thinking about things that other people were not. When Zuckerberg was a junior in high school, he transferred to Phillips Exeter Academy, where he spent most of his time coding, fencing, and studying Latin. I think Augustus is one of the most fascinating. Basically, through a really harsh approach, he established two hundred years of world peace. He also eliminated political opponents, banished his daughter for promiscuity, and was suspected of arranging the execution of his grandson.

Two hundred years feels unattainable. All the photos were different sculptures of Augustus. In , Zuckerberg went to Harvard , where he embraced the hacker mystique, which celebrates brilliance in pursuit of disruption. In , as a sophomore, he embarked on the project whose origin story is now well known: the founding of Thefacebook.

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Her parents, who traced their roots to China, had grown up in Vietnam and arrived in the U. Priscilla was the eldest of three daughters, and the first member of her family to go to college. In , she stopped seeing patients to be the day-to-day head of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. When I asked Chan about how Zuckerberg had responded at home to the criticism of the past two years, she talked to me about Sitzfleisch , the German term for sitting and working for long periods of time.

After his sophomore year, Zuckerberg moved to Palo Alto and never left.