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Battles would be fought.

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Wonders revealed. Many journeys. Many lands. Many joys. Many sorrows. But stories all North and the Battle of the Nightmare King. Martin, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.

CWC vs HACKERS in Real Life NINJA BATTLE Royale (Project Zorgo Chase Us & We Defend Safe House)

I amaze myself even. If only you knew what I've been up against, you'd want my autograph. I'm a real life superhero. Napoleon was just a general of forgotten battles compared with the queen who paid for Shakespeare's meals and beer in the tavern. The statesman who in his time freed the slaves, even he has a few enemies in posterity, whereas the literary patron has none. The patron creates 'literature through altruism,' something not even the greatest genius can do with a pen.

When the troops of a worldly monarch go into battle they do so with head erect, with proud and resolute bearing, with flashing eye, and with high courage, determined to bear aloft his banner and to crown it with victory, even though it cost them their lives. Such is the mien that soldiers of Christ should bear in the mortal strife now raging round us. Let them show the same fearlessness of death, the same high courage, the same unlimited confidence in their Leader. What matter if they die in His service? He has told them what their work should be.

He has bidden them visit the sick and comfort the sorrowing.

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What if there be danger in the work? Alliances can claim unoccupied corners of the universe simply by planting the flag, as long as they pay a monthly fee of around one billion ISK. With "sovereignty" over this part of space, they can be reasonably assured that their assets are safe. Capturing a sovereign part of space is akin to attacking a well-defended castle. But if the guy holding the station loses sovereignty, it becomes a relatively simple matter of moving in because the owner is on the curb, the drawbridge is down and the gate is open. It was unthinkable that this could happen.

But it had. If Murph destroyed the drones before then, Clusterfuck Coalition could seize the station. Murph made the call to attack earlier. At hours, he and his allies hit B-R5RB with nearly sub-capital ships and 45 Capital-class Dreadnoughts—a formidable force that quickly gave him the upper hand. Clusterfuck Coalition has a reputation for avoiding fights between huge ships. This time would be different. Murph made the call: all hands on deck.

Murph had nearly 1, players at his command— three full fleets of ships. His orders were being translated into Russian, French, and other languages. He had sole command, because Mister Vee and Vily were at work. Here's a few examples:. He still had the chance to back down.

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Most of the or so players involved at that point were piloting sub-capital Battleships. His largest ships—some 80 Dreadnoughts, 40 Supercarriers and 30 Titans—were a safe distance away, awaiting the call to battle. Murph had reason to be wary. Although he was fighting a virtual battle, he was limited by real-world technology.

Highly trafficked systems in the Eve universe use servers built to handle vast numbers of players, but remote areas aren't equipped for such a load. Thrusting so many ships into B-R5RB could cause debilitating lag or even crash the node, an annoying problem that cost Murph a devastating loss just a week before. Murph needed a gut-check.

Preparing for Battle: 20 Bible Verses to Help You Face Life's Hardest Moments

He sent a text message to Mister Vee, calling him to battle. Murph sent one last text. He summoned his ships in waves—first the Carriers, then the Dreadnoughts, then the Supercarriers. This allowed him to bring in replacements faster than Sideous could take them out, buying him time to have his Titans target a single Pandemic Legion Titan. They pulverized the behemoth ship just 30 minutes after the battle started, giving CFC an early advantage. This has tactical implications, because it determines how often Doomsday cannons are used. The massive weapons require 10 minutes in real time to cool between blasts; time dilation expands that to nearly two hours.

Death was in our pockets.

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  4. Death was walking with us. As the battle raged, it was also time of terror for ethnic minorities on both sides of the dispute. In Germany, Hitler's 'final solution' reached it's horrific climax in extermination camps such as Auschwitz-Birkenau. Life expectancy for many on arrival could be measured in just hours.

    In the USSR, meantime, Stalin's ruthless approach to punishing ethnic collaborators in the Soviet Union meant that whole ethnic nations were forcibly exiled to Siberia as punishment for the small number of collaborators in their midst. One of the ethnic groups who suffered most were the Kalmyks from the steppe south of Stalingrad. Stalin ordered every ethnic Kalmyk, including women and children, to be 'relocated' to even more remote regions of the Soviet Union.

    Whole families were crammed onto insanitary transport trains. Many didn't survive the long journey. Officially, 93, Kalmyks, 68, Karachai people, , Chechens, , Balkars and , Tartars were deported. The figures are almost certainly underestimates. Hitler ordered the citizens of Germany to destroy anything that the enemy could put to good use.

    see Embittered by defeats, he later turned against the Germans themselves. Hitler suffered his greatest military setback of the war in the summer of More destructive by far than the D-Day landings, Stalin's Operation Bagration in Belorussia eliminated three times more German army divisions than the Allies did in Normandy.

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    Hitler retaliated by demanding specific divisions of the German army stand fast to the last man - the very tactic that Stalin had deployed so disastrously in the early days of the war. Defeat for Germany was only months away. Final victory came for Russia when Soviet soldiers hoisted the red flag over the Berlin Reichstag in April The occupying troops celebrated, some indulging in the rape and murder of German citizens.

    When Stalin was told how some of the Red Army soldiers were treating German refugees, he is reported to say: 'We lecture our soldiers too much; let them have some initiative. I said, 'Bring them here for an interrogation' and I had a knife, and I cut him. I cut a lot of them.

    I thought, 'You wanted to kill me, now it's your turn. In order to see this content you need to have both Javascript enabled and Flash installed.

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    Visit BBC Webwise for full instructions. Map A map of the Eastern Front, July Ukraine's war An extremely extensive and in-depth history of Ukraine's war. Stalingrad Mamaev Kurgan: The battle itself, Volgograd today and much more. The bombing of Berlin In Germany pushed deep into Soviet territory, when the Soviet air-force hit back. Einsatz Disturbing eyewitness account of an Einsatz execution. Search term:. Read more. This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets CSS enabled.