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When traveling sometimes you take detours from your plans. The same happens in real life. Detours of life come when you least expect.

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Most times the detours shock us into disbelief. Recently, I experienced a significant detour and some smaller ones.

The detours hit me like a ton of bricks. Understanding why such a change in my life occurred was beyond my comprehension. However, I quickly learned when your life detours embrace the possibilities. The unexpected detour began in the spring of I worked as an elementary school principal.

Second Nature – Session 3 – The Purpose of Detours

For 25 years, my job as an educator was fulfilling, challenging, and sometimes overwhelming. However, during my time as an administrator, I worked hard to make the best decisions for the students and families. During the spring of , my troubles began. At the time, I thought the problem was small and solvable. Little did I know it was the beginning of the end. The range of emotions includes anger, depression, sadness, grief, and emotional fatigue.

Detours: Made Here – Hennepin Theatre Trust

My faith and confidence were tested. Uncertainty and unpredictability are absolute in life. Yours may revolve around a job, relationship, health or other personal reasons.

The question becomes how can you use the detour to change the course of your life? A detour can be intentional or unexpectant. People plan an intentional detour as a way of reflecting and refreshing. When an unexpectant detour occurs, it is a major shock to your system. However, this shock to your system may be a path to a new destination. It may also be a path to your real destiny.

The area was still under construction and some of the residents decided to cut down on thru traffic by making their own roadblock. However, they failed to include any sort of reflective material and several unsuspecting motorists slammed into the barricade before someone reported it to the county and it was dismantled. Roadblocks are annoying. They bring forward motion to a halt, make us rethink our direction, and formulate a different plan. We often move so fast in life we hardly have time to rest and reflect. We make plans and put them in motion, often with no thought to how they impact others.

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Roadblocks serve a purpose. Accept them without trying to go around them and seek wisdom as you reroute your journey. But the good news is we eventually reach the end of the journey. Ask for the old, godly way, and walk in it. Travel its path, and you will find rest for your souls. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Detours are good if we keep our mind and heart open to new experiences, otherwise they can be a huge pain.

Now its up to us Exhilarating experience or painful experience??? Our choice! Funnily enough, I just drafted a post on failed relationships, and had picked a photo from Flickr that said, guess what? What a long long detour. And what a ride it turns out to be! So if life itself is a detour, why worry about the little detours within that great detour? I have heard this mentioned before, but I love how you reminded us of it again..

I like this sign: Change in the name of progress. It works! This is the beauty of life!


Lance, Great article. This has been a major philosophy in our lives. We actually just put up a Gratitude page discussing the importance of being grateful for everything that comes into your life, good or bad, and your detour post came along right at the same time. Some may think so, but everything happens for a reason. Side note: Lance, since you are a lover of quotes as am I , you might like the most recent post on our home page.

I really believe that everything in life happens for a reason well, maybe not locking yourself out of your house and stuff like that… , and while you may not know what that reason is at the time you are struggling, you usually figure it out later in life when you look back. I agree with you, detours are something we should embrace. If we look at it on a different lens, it may have some hidden message that will bring improvement into our life. But more often than not we are resistant to those sudden change.

We prefer our usual way of knowing things. The sad part is that we will never grow with this kind of attitude. And I know that with a death in the family or cancer or something BIG like that it is difficult to find any reason at all for this happening to you. But there always is something to take away from it, some lesson to be learned. And I do not always find the answer right away, but it leaves my mind open to see the possibilities, the opportunities for growing, for learning, for helping others etc.

It is not always easy that is for sure. And like all of us, I do get down and wonder what life is all about. And that is ok. That is a phase to help you get to the next level. This morning my kids were driving me nuts. Literally up the wall. They were sticking to me like glue, following me around, hanging on me, asking me things, crying, moaning etc. I closed the door on them. I needed some peace. They cried outside the bedroom for a while and then just went on with their business.

I had time to breathe and calm down never for long ;-. And it taught me that I need to place myself elsewhere when they are like that or I will be nasty. So I just leave the room to calm down and that usually works. Thanks for sharing this insight. Ah detours! At the time I had no idea why the road I had been taking and thought I could continue taking was all torn up and untraversable. So I started my detour and at first was pretty crotchity about the whole thing.

However, the longer the detour continued, the more I relaxed into it and even started enjoying the new scenery.