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About the Audiobook: Dani I dumped the man I thought I would marry because my roommate told me these are the years to be wild and free. John I was on top of the world. It felt like I had it all. Then she dumped me out of the blue.

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The Wolverhampton native is the author of One Day in December , a rising cult favorite that rose to fame thanks to the palpable warmth and charming characters that spring to life in every page. Ten years of friendships, heartbreak, missed opportunities, and what ifs, roads not taken, and fate are reconsidered. Who knows? They just might be the Jack to your Laurie!

Who knew domestic abuse, child abuse, themes of escape, bullying, and body image issues would make for one knock-out novel? It makes you feel things so strongly, transports you to a time and place where all you can feel is Eleanor and how the world shifts around her. Together you weep at her circumstances. Together your hearts flutter for one Park Sheridan. Together you escape to Minnesota in the hopes of surviving the hand you were drawn. Okay, hear us out — time travel, unsurmountable passion, and a lifetime of waiting and intertwined destinies — could it get any better than this?

The story takes place between two lovers; Henry, a man born with the inexplicable ability to time travel, and Clare, a woman he has been drawn to meeting in several timelines. They fall in love, and what follows next is a series of beautiful and tragic moments that teach us the pains of having to wait your whole life for the one that owns your heart. We could only dream of creating work as stunning and riveting as this.

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We have so much respect for writers who hone their craft and go through the motions of delivering content that is nothing short of brilliant. It can be a huge, daunting task, but thanks to lifehacks like Spreadsheeto to help the best of the best streamline ideas and get that creativity flowing quickly and efficiently. Nicholas Sparks is on this list of best romance authors, so that means this is pretty legit now, eh? Kidding aside, this multi-awarded novelist and screenwriter is famous for bringing into the world a string of romance novels worthy of their own films.

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I picked up the mail from the ground, and walked back into the house while trying to stay calm. Mom would probably just be getting up so I might as well let her in on my exciting news. I made her coffee just the way she liked it and set the white mug on the table with all the mail.


I checked over everything one last time before I ran up to my room and waited. About five minutes later I heard a loud pitched scream, glass breaking and a hurried thudding coming up the stairs. Her face was in complete hysterics and made me wish I had some ear plugs because by the way her mouth was wide open I was almost certain that she was going to scream again.

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I felt her leave a gentle kiss on the top of my head as I buried myself into the embrace even more. I would definitely be telling my friends about this book. Likednthe way the story developed and the style ofnthe writer. A few spelling mistakes but not too distracting. Maybe felt a little short but that's because I enjoyed a lot. I am going to miss the characteres. I hope it gets develope Gilisa: I love that Ryleigh is a character I can relate to on so many levels.

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Also, I love the lessons learnt by the character as well as myself and I hope that I, myself, can gain confidence like her and live a happy life. Cheerycherub: Very good and an excellent plot, I cant wait for the next chapter. Every sentence is just a buildup and the author really channelled the main character well.

enter site Jazmin Corral: I like SKP: Loved it. Bawled like a baby!

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Desperately need to know what happens to him! Donna Marie Topley: I loved this book. Loved the story line. Loved the characters.