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Note on the lower left-hand side an image of Thamesis, the river god after whom the River Thames is named. In the upper left-hand side the mythical phoenix suggests that London too would rise from the ashes. Some buildings did survive the conflagration, but only a handful can still be seen to this day.

Thank goodness for the National Health Service! In successive years of the 17th century, London suffered two terrible disasters. In the spring and summer of an outbreak of Bubonic Plague spread from parish to parish until thousands had died Poor souls… they could not have imagined the new disaster that was to befall them in Related articles.

Inner Temple Lane. Folk Remedies.

Great Fire of London 1666:

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Great Fire of London

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When he arrived to find the Middle Temple Hall on fire, the Duke of York also discovered the gates had been locked through fear of looters. This prevented his men from gaining access to fight the fire, so that when the gates were finally opened the hall could not be saved. However, it also changed direction, and started to drive the fire south towards the Tower of London.

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As the fire approached, desperate efforts were made to get the gunpowder barrels onto ships, to be moved downstream away from the fire. To save the Tower, gunpowder was used to blow up surrounding houses, including those along the full length of Watergate as well as a wine warehouse on Seething Lane the street where Pepys lived.