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Practical and Solution-Focused Interpersonal Therapy. Dawn Reilly, Psy. Are feeling unfulfilled or unhappy in your marriage or relationship? Couples therapy could be the answer to overcoming common roadblocks to a successful relationship. Fractured trust or stalled chemistry?

Path Back To Harmony (feat. ThatMusicBrony) | Ponies at Dawn

Child and teen years are some of the toughest times faced by a person in their entire life, and individual counseling combined with family intervention and skill building can serve to strengthen family bonds. Whether your teen or child is dealing with anxiety, issues caused by a major life change, or simple day to day struggles, the advice of a professional can help greatly in the healing and growth process.

A Sensitive and Compassionate Approach to Psychotherapy. Dawn Reilly assists individuals and couples in finding effective solutions to a varied spectrum of different psychological concerns and personal issues. Reilly's supportive approach of providing legitimate and practical feedback is one of her many proven methods of customized care tailored to each unique patient. Outstanding results and the achievement of various life goals are a norm when Dr.

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Reilly's individualized and caring treatment methods are applied. Featuring a large amount of artistic crossover, this album, much like P D, is a fantastic amalgamation of a large variety of different musicians and their respective genres and styles! Ponies at Dawn. Waffle by A State of Sugar.

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Another awesome compilation album, A State Of Sugar focuses on chill beats and sweet times. Well worth a listen for more pony goodness!

Path Of Power: Book 2: The Book Of Dawn And Dusk

Equinity Stellar by Equinity. Even more compilation music - Equinity provides yet another outlet for amazing tunes, and this album is an excellent start that's well worth checking out! If you like Ponies at Dawn, you may also like:. Awesome album from start to finish.

The Path to Dawn (Opal Charm, #1)

PW's destinctive style is present throughout, but every track is a fresh effort, and the album successfully transitions from driving rock to mellow contemplation without sounding forced or rehashed. I'm not as big of a fan of the remixes, but I appreciate their inclusion and unique perspective. Hard to ask for more than 16 tracks with no skips! Hard-hitting, aggro-techno bangers with synths that slash like serrated sheets of metal and booming beats that rock the body.