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And yet it just didn't work for me. I mean, he's seventeen, he's having random jealous tantrums because his best friend is a stud and charismatic, he's freaking out about these new abilities, sure, this all seems pretty acceptable. But I honestly thought this book was middle grade and despite the very YA-ness of it all.. I think I actually would've liked Bryant better if he had been younger. Elizabeth was okay. I liked that she was more than just the emptyheaded pretty girl love interest that tagged along.

But honestly there's not much else I can say of her. Truly not sure why she bothered to return Bryant's feelings.

And, last of our trio, was Devon. I really really liked Bryant's bestie. I'm curious about what was insinuated about his own fate a word that was way too often used but to be honest I don't know if I'll ever read on to find out. That's great, just great. I lost track of the the Consortium vs Thaden vs..

I don't even know. I got so so lost so many times about the politics and the restrictions on magic and it honestly made me feel dumb.

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I don't know if it was my boredom that helped to lose me or being lost left me bored. I couldn't tell you. Sadly it just didn't work for me. View all 3 comments.

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It's a mouthful. I wasn't sure what to expect when I opened this book but I was pleasantly surprised.

Video shows Eric Adams getting tethered by the device he wants in the hands of city cops.

Despite my age I've always loved YA and the sweetness behind it. Bryant was a awkward 17 year old guy with his head in the clouds. He daydreamed so much that he was constantly being pulled out of traffic by little old ladies. He is always with his ever present best friend the enigmatic Devon. Bryant is trying to make it one day at 4 Cranky Stars First let's start off with how long this title is. Bryant is trying to make it one day at a time while admiring his high school crush and staying up to date with the latest video games.

Major Story Arcs

Typical teenage boy things yet Bryants life is about to become anything but normal when they find a cell phone left behind in a taxi. Bryant finds the owner of this cell phone and suddenly his life is in an uproar.

Sides are choosen and maybe just maybe he might discover a side he never knew existed all the while winning the girl. I did enjoy this book but I wasn't sure at first what to make of it. I read YA often but I still wasn't sure my feelings till about the middle of this book and I wanted to see the greater good win.

I thought at times I had this book figured out but boy was I wrong. I loved the supporting characters of Devon and Elizabeth and who could forget the oracle slash Mama Odie character of Lola!! She was pure magic. Eric at one point started to grow on me but I remained leary of him till the end. This book would be good for a teenager or young adult looking for a fun magical journey in the heart of New York City. I'm curious to see how this series will play out.

This is hilarious! This really needs to be a 10 star book!

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The colorful characters are a real hoot! The clever and witty dialogue had me laughing out loud. The plot was so hilarious that I want to call my grandkids and have them start reading it right now! I laughed, giggled, and smiled all though this book! I wish this was a movie! Fantastic book! Not fin This is hilarious! Not finds a phone in can but keeps it and plans to return it later. He opens it and finds out it it a magical device! After causing havoc with it, the owner is tracking him down! So funny!

I would like to thank Curiosity Quills Press for providing me with an electronic copy of this book in exchange for an open and honest review. What can I say, I love the types of quirky, slightly off kilter stories that Curiosity Quills publish and so when I saw this on their site I had to take a look. Was I disappointed?

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Love JK on Twitter… not a fan of the books. Go figure!

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If it is - shame on that reviewer! I love them! Yes the main characters are teens - and sold as a YA book - but are still enjoyable by young and old. They can be ignored by those only wanting to read this first book… but people who think that way are just being silly and should stop pretending - read the next book when it comes out, you know you want to!

Yes I would. You will enjoy this book! Would I buy this book for myself? Yeah, I can see that as a possibility. I highly recommend. Bryant Adams is an ordinary teenager with ordinary teenage problems, like having divorced parents, crushing on the girl who sits next to him in half his lessons, and having his mother teach drama at his school. As befits a fusion of smart but uncool teenager with magical smartphones, there is a strong thread of humour — both observational and slapstick — throughout the novel. However, this is balanced by an equal thread of actual threat, making each stronger by contrast.

Bryant is an engaging protagonist. The teenage supporting cast exhibit an objectively reversed but structurally parallel transition: their apparent social success at the beginning grows through the revelation of weakness into a more realistic and sympathetic character. However, the greatest triumph of character might be in the adults. Unlike some YA stories, adults display both greater maturity and greater ability than Bryant in most circumstances: while he might or might not be destined to be a great magician, he is no Chosen One surrounded by fools; but rather a significant participant in plans that benefit equally from the experience of others.

Overall, I enjoyed this novel. I recommend it to readers seeking urban fantasy with a young adult perspective. I received a free copy from the publisher with a request for a fair review. Witty, Imaginative and Action Packed This book puts a number of clever and often very funny spins on the standard who-knew-I-was-magical-?

Our hero, Bryant, is a bit mopey and is almost stupefied by his crush on manic-pixie-dream-girl Elizabeth. It doesn't help that Bryant's absolutely loyal best friend, Devon, is a dreamy lady-killer with a wicked deadpan sense of humor. The book opens slowly, giving us a chance to get to know th Witty, Imaginative and Action Packed This book puts a number of clever and often very funny spins on the standard who-knew-I-was-magical-? The book opens slowly, giving us a chance to get to know these three characters and to set up their backstories and the larger New York City background for the adventure.

But, once Bryant picks up a cell phone accidentally left behind in a cab by a creepy, pasty, vampirey guy, well, the tale takes off like a rocket. Right off the bat we learn a good deal about these three characters, all of it good. Bryant isn't a mope. He's smart, insightful, resourceful, and while he's maybe a little angsty, he's also almost ready to get in touch with the hero within. He's the narrator and his running rueful first person commentary, along the lines of I-can't-really-believe-this is happening to me, but what the heck , is endearing and refreshing. Elizabeth isn't just the pixie dream girl love interest.

She's a bit salty, with take charge gumption and impatience with any shilly-shallying. Devon is a stand up guy with a no-nonsense attitude, no smarm, and the style of a wingman on steroids. Together these three make up a funny, smart, take no prisoners team that can handle quips and taglines in between fights with demon things and shadow whatevers. And they need all of that because the guy who lost his phone wants it back in, like, the worst way.

It's sort of an iPhone that has stored within it every evil spell app ever, and it is powerful beyond comprehension.