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Hawking also felt St. Clair added some life to the attack when he was in the lineup at point guard.

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Overton, a community college transfer from Salt Lake City, finished with 14 points in a solid opening performance. The Titans shot. Northridge managed only. Martin led Northridge with 21 points, 16 of them in the first half.

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Related Products View Product. IPF Approved. View Product. Captain Triumph's costume was just enough to get across the idea he was a superhero, but since the genre was fading did not emphasize the fact.

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In his second appearance, both Michael's ghost and Lance jointly tell her the secret of Captain Triumph. In his fourth appearance, Captain Triumph encounters a down-on-his-luck professional clown named Biff who is on the verge of being fired from his job. Thereafter the burly former clown serves as Lance, Michael and Captain Triumph's steadfast friend and backup muscle.

Before Michael's death, and his merging with Lance to become Captain Triumph, the two are extraordinarily close, and alike, even for twins. So close were they, that in their work, their play, and the exciting adventures that filled their lives, their bodies responded but to one mind. Both twins are intelligent, daring, and athletic. Though they are presented as being very similar, throughout the series it becomes obvious that Lance is the more thoughtful, and intellectually inclined of the two, while Michael is more the daredevil, [14] witness their differing vocations of journalist and military pilot, respectively.

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  • When the twins merge into Captain Triumph, they form a composite personality, with neither obviously dominant, and when they split apart again they are both aware of everything that has occurred to them as Captain Triumph. Within the context of this series, the Fates are presented as three hag-like crones, sisters named Chance, Destiny and Fortune. You shall fly through space within seconds! Nothing physical will harm you! When the brothers are separated into two individuals, Michael, as a ghost, can move through walls, spy invisibly and then report back to Lance.

    On the initial occasion, when Michael reveals his existence to Kim [17] she is able to see and hear him. Thereafter, though Lance can always definitely see and hear Michael, whether Kim or Biff can do so is inconsistently presented throughout the series - and sometimes within the same story. With intense concentration, Michael is able to communicate with, and influence the actions of, other people and creatures.

    When the Jacksons are threatened, Michael is able to influence April, the daughter of the family, that she should write to Lance Gallant for help.

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    Captain Triumph has the ability to alter his physical appearance, shape and size, and at the same time change his voice, a power that comes in very handy when his adventures require impersonation. Captain Triumph also has limited super-strength.

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    He can stop a racing car by either grabbing its bumper [22] or standing in front of it and punching it, [23] bend rifle barrels, [24] break chains [25] and snap rifle bayonets [26] with his bare hands. He can also punch through a brick wall, [27] steel bank vault doors [28] and jail bars, [29] and routinely holds his own in physical confrontations against multiple, normal human attackers much larger than he is.

    However, his opponents are never seriously injured, and sometimes not even disabled, by his full-power enthusiastic blows. Captain Triumph is almost but not completely invulnerable. On numerous occasions he is shot repeatedly, and the bullets have no effect. Hitting him with an axe results in the axe handle breaking. Crack Comics started out as a monthly title, like most s anthology comic books, but dropped down to bi-monthly shortly after World War II began, due to wartime paper shortages.