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Somebody wanted to build up that story.

The War Conspiracy: JFK, 9/11, and the Deep Politics of War, Paperback

But was it true? Under interrogation, Oswald denied shooting Kennedy. These shocking and baffling events gave birth to a thousand conspiracy theories. I took my case to the Supreme Court to bypass the theories and get the facts: to complete the historical record of a critical moment in which American democratic institutions were attacked, a record that the American people do not yet fully possess. Perhaps the biggest single revelation generated by Morley v. CIA was the medal given to Joannides. Outside the agency, you could say he was honored, at least in part, for perpetuating the JFK cover-up.

House Select Committee on Assassination general counsel G. Or just CIA incompetence? Absent full disclosure, definitive conclusions are elusive. CIA fell short of getting the whole story. The agency identified but never released Joannides files I sought. Nonetheless, the federal courts agree it is accurate. The question now before the Supreme Court is not conspiracy. The issue is accountability and how the FOIA seeks to insure it. Dodge and Ingrid Wuerth. Castleberry and Camille Stewart. Lee Wolosky and Sam Kleiner. Dunlap, Jr.

Bradley , Oona Hathaway and Jack Goldsmith. Follow him on Twitter jeffersonmorley. October 4, by Just Security.

Top 10 Craziest JFK Conspiracy Theories

September 17, by Patrick Eddington. July 17, by Harlan Grant Cohen.

Peter Dale Scott

July 17, by Kendyl Salcito. July 1, by Barry K. Robinson and Edgar Chen. May 21, by Kate Brannen and Steve Vladeck. April 23, by Joanna Naples-Mitchell. January 22, by Marty Lederman. January 7, by Marty Lederman. Later he leaked the Pentagon Papers. Evanzz worked at the Washington Post fo r 32 years in its news department before retiring in Richard A. Martin Luther King Jr.


Farris currently serves as senior fellow of the King Center where he not only continues to write, research and lecture on the life, philosophy, and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. Marie Fonzi is the widow of Gaeton Fonzi , a top investigator on both the Senate and House Committees that probed the death of President Kennedy in the s. Marie wrote the preface and afterword of the paperback edition of The Last Investigation , Fonzi's inside story of this fateful Congressional drama.

Libby Handros is an award-winning TV producer and documentary filmmaker. Since beginning her career on the PBS team that produced Inside Story , the first regularly scheduled examination of the American press ever to appear on television, she has gone on to develop and produce over one hundred hours of prime-time programming on a wide array of subjects.

Dan Hardway , a graduate of Cornell Law School, has practiced law for the past 37 years. His firm, based in Cowen, West Virginia, focuses on representing nonprofit organizations, especially Christian churches and ministries, and Freedom of Information Act litigants. Jacob Hornberger is founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation, a libertarian nonprofit educational foundation, and the author of The Kennedy Autopsy.

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Horne ensured the release of historical records on Cuba and Vietnam policy; played a key role in the sworn depositions of ten JFK autopsy witnesses; and became the primary ARRB point-of-contact for all matters related to the Zapruder film. Jaffe was an investigator for the Lane Law Firm for the past 50 years and has written numerous articles on the assassination of President Kennedy.

James Jenkins was a medical corpsman assigned to work with pathologists on the autopsy of President Kennedy at the Bethesda Naval Hospital. He is currently the coordinator of the research committee for Citizens Against Political Assassinations. His blog is JFK Countercoup. Andrew Kreig is a Washington, DC-based nonprofit executive, attorney, author and commentator who edits the non-partisan Justice Integrity Project , which examines the performance of legal institutions.

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Its work includes publication of a multi-part Readers Guide to the JFK Assassination that highlights the topic's leading books, films, archives, events and news developments. The Reverend James M. John Lewis called him "the architect of the non-violent movement. Jim Lesar is president of the Assassination Archives and Research Center , a nonprofit organization whose goal is to disclose information on political assassinations to the public.

During the past 49 years Lesar has litigated more than Freedom of Information Act cases, resulting in the release of several hundred thousand pages of documents prior to the enactment of the JFK Records Act.

Christopher Bollyn

He then testified before several House and Senate committees in favor of greatly expanded release of withheld government records pertaining to the assassination of President Kennedy. In , in a suit in which he represented journalist and author Jefferson Morley, he won a significant precedent that subjected the CIA's ultra-secret operational files to judicial review.

This ultimately resulted in the disclosure of significant operational records, and in the process the CIA admitted under oath that it had hired a case officer linked to Lee Harvey Oswald's pre-assassination activities to undermine the investigation of the House Select Committee on Assassinations. Edwin Lopez is an attorney practicing in New York. In and he was a researcher for the U.

Dallas '63

House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations HSCA , where he was involved, among other areas, in the research and investigation of anti-Castro Cuban groups, their possible involvement in the assassination of President Kennedy, possible Cuban government complicity in the assassination of President Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald's activities in Mexico City and the performance of the Central Intelligence Agency CIA in monitoring and reporting those activities. He is former faculty member in the physics department at the University of Michigan and in the radiation oncology department at Loma Linda University.

Baldwin Chair in Surgery, where he had first come to work as an instructor in surgery in Two years prior to that, Dr. McClelland had begun his career on the senior attending staff at Parkland Memorial Hospital, where his duties would include the attempt to save the life of President Kennedy on Nov. While working on the mortally wounded JFK, Dr.

McClelland saw clear evidence that the president had been struck by bullets from the front and rear, indicating more than one shooter was involved. The gruesome injury to the back of JFK's head was caused by a bullet exiting the skull rather than entering it, McClelland determined, suggesting it was fired from the front of the presidential limousine, instead of from the rear, where Lee Harvey Oswald was allegedly shooting from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository building.

As editor of Discovering America , a book series published by the University of Texas Press, he commissioned Lance DeHaven-Smith to write Conspiracy Theory in America , and his Forbidden Bookshelf series, published by Open Road Media, has revived dozens of essential books long out of print, and many of them killed at birth, including works by I. Jefferson Morley is the founder of The Deep State , a news blog that illuminates the influence of secret intelligence agencies.

He worked for 15 years as an editor and reporter at the Washington Post. Major John M. Newman , U. Army retired , is adjunct professor of political science at James Madison University. Fletcher Prouty. Kennedy Based on more than two decades of investigative research, Pease's recently published book has already been hailed as "the magnum opus of RFK assassination research" by acclaimed Kennedy biographer James Douglass.

Pepper is an American lawyer, English barrister and best-selling author. His legal career has included representation of governments and heads of state, and teaching human rights law at Oxford University. A political activist, Pepper was a s friend and supporter of Robert F. Kennedy and Dr. The King family asked his help to address their doubts about the guilt of accused assassin James Earl Ray. Pepper's investigation concluded that Ray was a patsy. Representing both the imprisoned Ray before his death and the King family pro bono , Pepper then won a Memphis civil jury verdict in for the family concluding the murder was a conspiracy.