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As environmental concerns climb ever higher on the political agenda, so does the importance of a degree in earth sciences. Physics, chemistry and biology make up the degree study, but geography, maths, environmental sciences and engineering are also all key.

Environmental Science Bachelor of science degree

Topics might include the evolution of life, earth surface processes, the cause of earthquakes, the ocean and how resources the seas provide can be used in a responsible and environmentally sustainable way. Courses will be taught through practical sessions, so students should expect to split their time between the lab and the field.

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Expect plenty of field trips and the opportunity to spend a year in industry in a paid position at some universities. Some universities may offer specialisations such as geology, meteorology and palaeontology as separate degrees, or internal specialised options within the degree. Essays, research projects, oral presentations and practical exams are all used to assess students on this degree. A degree in geology, environmental, earth and marine sciences or any combination of these disciplines will put graduates in excellent stead to work at conservation or environmental campaign organisations.

Courses accredited by the Geological Society of London the professional body for geoscientists will allow you to apply for status as a chartered geologist. That is not to say that this sort of degree limits graduates to such industries, quite the opposite — the analytical skills, creative solution making and willingness to experience the field first hand are all valuable transferable skills.

What is Sustainability?

An essential guide to what you will learn during a geology degree, what you should study to get your place on a course, and what jobs you could get once you graduate. View the World University Rankings by subject: physical sciences.

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What is Sustainability?

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